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Imagine what it must have been astonishing to discover the remains of a dinosaur in a world where the study of fossils was in its infancy. it is rather difficult to imagine animals like the Triceratops, the Tyrannosaurus or the Iguanodon from scratch without having any idea that such creatures have ever lived before. The Origins line pays homage to some of the most famous dinosaurs, discovered between the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, accompanying their iconic skull (often the most well-known and recognizable part of their entire body for the general public) to a short extract present in the very first official description of their remains, giving voice to the words of the first discoverers of a Lost World.

• 100% polyester pillowcase and filling
• Hidden zipper
• Machine washable pillowcase
• Polyester padding for shape retention is included (hand wash only)

• Dimension: 45x45 cm

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