About us

Creativity as a means, not a destination.

The objects that you will find by exploring this site do not want to be simply beautiful. Within our products there is commitment, passion, creativity. But above all, there is something we believe in. Whether it is the affirmation of a social value or the interest in something cultural, it makes no difference. What we present here, rather than products, are values.

Believing in something has always united human beings. From the affirmation of a right, to the sharing of a passion, by believing in something, we all become part of the same community of people. By showing this belief to the world, wearing it or using it, others are also given the opportunity to feel equally involved in the same community.

But let’s start from the beginning. Everyday, when we choose wearing a t-shirt or an accessor, to bring with us an object or an other, we choose also to communicate something about us to others: our personality, our passions, what we believe in.

When we go outside and it happens to see someone who wear our t-shirt or we discover that someone loves our favorite film, we immediately feel a bond with the other person.These are two individuals who, united by the same interest, found themselves in something and laid the first brick useful for the construction of a community made up of people linked by the same passions.

So, proudly showing an object in which we identify ourselves, in which we find ourselves but also other people, we spread our values and we also give the possibility to others, who like us believe in that value, to feel part of something bigger .

Creativity is a useful means for spreading the feeling of belonging.
Creativity is a means that allows you to create something in which you can clearly see your reflection and that of others similar to us.
Creativity is a means of achieving high goals, it is an opportunity and, as such, cannot be wasted on beautiful but empty objects.

Creativity as a means, not a destination.